What is this site for?

    To engage the public and gain insight and input as well as provide updates surrounding the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan.

    What is the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan?

    It is a County-wide blueprint that guide new growth in a way that best reflects the values and vision of all county residents, workers and visitors over the next several years. Using graphics, maps, text, pictures and diagrams, the Comprehensive Plan is a decision-making tool for growth and development in areas under the County’s jurisdiction. Engaging the public and stakeholders is critical to its success, so several Open Houses, Neighborhood Workshops, individual interviews, anecdotal storylines, and online surveys will be used to inform how the Together Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan communicates the County’s vision.

    What are the main steps of the Comprehensive Plan?

    1.0 Announce

    Chaffee County will announce the effort to create a Comprehensive Plan to the community with rolling tasks such as kickoff meetings and Open Houses to collect input and insight on general visions and goals. A deep dive into historic data will help the team get more informed about Chaffee County past and present.

    2. 0 Gather

    The team will absorb and understand the data found through the data dive and the first public open house. Neighborhood workshops will be held to gather community members in smaller brainstorming sessions on a wide range of topics relevant to the Comprehensive Plan.

    3.0 Explore

    The team will spend a prolonged amount of time in Chaffee County to better understand the county. Interviews and ride-alongs with County staff will be conducted to gain more information about the county and three workshops at local schools will be held to discuss issues brought up by parents and students. A Housing and Municipal Fiscal Impact study will also be conducted.

    4.0 Challenge

    The team will review the data information, and opinions gathered from prior phases and draw conclusions on their findings. These findings will be presented to the public at a workshop. Future growth and building activity will be evaluated and the team will define potential growth issues using future land use mapping, and recommendations will begin to take shape. 

    5.0 Narrow

    Based on feedback from prior phases, the team will begin to consolidate and combine information into recommendations and strategies. Storefront open houses will be held in Buena Vista and Salida to allow the public to review and comment on the draft of the Comprehensive Plan. Public and Stakeholder sessions will then be held to review findings.

    6.0 Recommend

    The team will draft the Comprehensive Plan and present it the staff and public. Final revisions to the plan will then be made.

    7.0 Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan 

    The team will deliver and present the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan!

    How long is the Comprehensive Plan going to take to create?

    The planning process is estimated to take from June of 2019 to March of 2020.

    How can I contribute to the process?

    Attend the in person open houses and neighborhood meeting within the county as well as participate in the many interactive elements of the site! One of the main purposes of the Plan is to uplift the voices of those who care and make sure they're heard so any feedback is appreciated.