127 Community Members Engaged at the Together Chaffee Drop-in Events

7 months ago

On Tuesday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 11, Cushing Terrell staff set up in spaces in downtown Salida and Buena Vista to solicit input on draft plan elements. These Drop-in events were held as an opportunity for folks to have one-on-one conversations about the future of Chaffee County with planning staff. Both events were well-attended with a total of 127 engaged community members!

Upon walking in the door, participants were handed half a million dollars in “Chaffee Bucks,” which they were instructed to invest in areas they thought the County should spend limited funding. Investment options included affordable housing, infrastructure improvements, a sustainability plan, a recreation center, renewable energy, childcare facilities, a circulator shuttle, or “other” where folks could write their ideas on sticky notes. Below is how Drop-in participants voted:

1. Affordable Housing - $126 Million

2. County Sustainability Plan - $121 Million

3. Infrastructure Improvements - $94 Million

4. Renewable Energy - $70 Million

5. Childcare Facilities - $66 Million

6. Recreation Center - $45 Million

7. County-wide Circulator Shuttle - $42 Million

8. Other - $21 Million

A survey about housing was available for participants, and a few highlights of the responses are shown below:

· 70% of survey responders said that they would support a local dedicated housing tax for affordable housing.

· When asked what form of tax they would be more likely to support, 29% answered Development Impact Fees, 18% answered Real Estate Tax/Mill Levy, and 20% answered all of the above.

· 86% of responders said they would support stricter County regulations on short term housing rentals.

· 88% said they would support the County passing inclusionary zoning requiring 10-20% of affordable housing for every new subdivision.

Drop-in participants also gave feedback on the first draft of Goals and Strategies for the plan. Missed the Drop-in events? Give your feedback at: https://together.chaffeecounty.org/what-weve-heard

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