Open Houses 3 and 4

4 months ago

Open Houses 3 and 4 were held on February 26 and 27 in Salida and Buena Vista. The goal for the meetings was to solicit input on draft comprehensive plan items like growth scenarios, sub-area plans, goals, strategies, action steps and projects. Survey #2 results were presented and meeting attendees were walked through three growth scenarios. Scenario A showed growth with the existing land use framework by projecting growth using historic growth trends based on the current Land Use Code and Subdivision Regulations. Scenario B showed Conservation and Corridors, which focused growth even more towards existing towns and transportation corridors. Scenario C, the most extreme of the three, showed growth almost exclusively in existing municipalities and County villages with high conservation on natural and scenic resources. In both meetings, Chaffee community members voiced a strong preference for Scenario C.

The Sub-area plans consisted of the four identified focus areas within the County: Buena Vista, Mid-Valley/Nathrop, Salida, and Poncha Springs/Maysville. Each Sub-area plan showed three maps; Existing Land Use, Future Land Use, and Existing and Proposed Infrastructure. Residents were able to comment on any of the maps, and were particularly interested in the Future Land Use which was modeled after growth Scenario B.

Meeting attendees were able to place priority on a list of projects by Sub-area and write in projects that weren’t already listed. The highest priority projects were:

Buena Vista:

  • Significant affordable housing project in the Sub-area
  • Construct a paved bike path at Crossman Ave
  • Construct a recreation center in BV
  • Childcare in BV


  • Work with CDOT to study Cogan’s Curve to improve vehicular safety
  • Enhance the bicycle network in the City with more bike lanes and trails


  • Implement improvements recommended in the Future 50 Plan, make improvements to the intersection of US 50 & SH 291
  • Significant affordable housing project in the Sub-area
  • Fund and support program to eliminate plastic waste

Poncha Springs:

  • Enhance the Continental Divide Cycling Route by creating a buffered bike lane on either side of Highway 285 along Poncha Pass
  • Construct a Roundabout at the intersection of 285 & 50

We would still like your input on the draft comprehensive plan, and you can read and comment on it here:

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