Public Open House #1

11 months ago

Open House #1 on June 26th at Mount Princeton Hot Springs kicked off the Announce phase of the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan. There was a great turnout of about 80 community members. If you missed the event, photos of the Open House can be found in the photo gallery.

Five (5) stations, including a welcome station, were set up, each addressing a different vision set in the Envision Chaffee Plan. At each of these stations' participants were asked to interact with a map, specific to each vision, as well as post sticky notes expressing their concerns and desires for the future of the County. The vision statements are listed below along with the top three themes mentioned by participants.

Comments that were attached to specific locations on the map at these stations can be found on the "Tag our Map" tab on the Engage page under the username Public Open House Responses.

Participants were also asked to fill out a comment card with three questions. The following "word clouds" aggregate what participants submitted. The larger a word, the more often it was mentioned.

1) In five (5) words or less each, name the top three (3) things that make Chaffee County attractive to you.

2) In five (5) words or less each, name the top three (3) issues facing Chaffee County growth and development today.

3) If you had one word to describe Chaffee County, what would it be?

The last activity at the Open House was to gauge the demographic of people who attended. Participants were asked to select a specific pin color, based on age, and place it on the map where they're from in the county. If they didn't live in the county, they were asked to place it where they work. The legend for pin color can be found in the bottom left corner. This map will be updated as more public meetings occur to gauge participation.

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